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Google will learn just a tiny bit more about me (and you, the reader) from this post, enabling the search engine giant to (probabilistically) increase its bottom line through better targeted advertisements. You’re welcome, Google.

A hugely transformative data revolution is upon us. Machine readable information is being generated and captured at an astounding and rapidly accelerating rate. At the same time, a ballooning army of alchemists and applications attempt to transform it into value of various forms. Which results in even more data. Kaboom.

On the data generation side are technologies that digitize and enable the creation of new digital information: the vast human-generated data factories of the internet, increasingly sophisticated devices in our homes and handbags, and sensors galore in places most people don’t imagine.

On the value generation side are data scientists (also in places most people don’t imagine), enthusiasts, knowledge workers, and an ever expanding array of hardware and software.

At the center of the data revolution are quantrepreneurs, who innovate new ways to generate, capture, transform, and wring value from data, linking the two sides and propelling the revolution forward, evolving the information age into the age of actionable insight. This is their story.

Telling the full story of this revolution necessitates touching on many topics: data (of course), science, technology, engineering, math, business, innovation, entrepreneurship, privacy/transparency and the law, design, storytelling, technology, statistics, and more. Content will be wide ranging and will include case studies, opinions, thought experiments, predictions, rants, musings, and practical advice.

Non-specialists are welcome. In fact, this blog is really for you. Despite the recent explosion of online chatter about the data revolution, many sources still make it seem like magic. It’s not magic. Data Bitten aims to provide a voice that is significantly underrepresented in the conversation, by taking a first principles approach to the data revolution. We’ll demystify and debunk. We’ll be skeptical. We’ll expose the magic for what it is, simply good science or iterative engineering or a smart idea. The goal is to make this world accessible to a wider audience, and through a focus on the practical to enable and encourage greater understanding and participation.

Are you ready to get bitten by the data bug?


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